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Center Staff & Board of Officers

Center Staff

Professional staff is hired to run the childcare program but parents are actively involved in the management and operation of the center. The center is run based on the philosophy that each child is an individual and will learn at his/her own rate, and the center provides the atmosphere for such learning to take place.

Coming Soon – Staff Bios!

Board of Officers

All parents/caregivers who have children enrolled in Little Turtles Playhouse become members of the cooperative. This membership includes voting rights, as well as a responsibility to contribute labor to the cooperative. In addition, there are three elected members who serve on the Board of Officers. The Board provides for the following functions:


  • Primary representative of the cooperative when dealing with the government or other organizations.
  • Oversees general operation of the cooperative
  • Works with the board to provide long-term development strategies for the cooperative and the childcare center

Labor Officer

  • Creates and assigns tasks to member parents/caregivers
  • Ensures that the center’s facilities are well-maintained

Financial Officer

  • Handles financial matters of the cooperative and childcare center
  • Provides monthly financial statements to the member parents

Coming Soon – Board of Officer Bios!

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