The Cooperative Model

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The cooperative model gives parents a voice in how their children are cared for.

How Does a Cooperative Work?

Once parents/guardians of children are admitted into the cooperative, they become members and co-owners of the childcare center. As members, they have rights (to enroll their children in the childcare center and to vote) and responsibilities (to pay tuition fees, to contribute labor hours to help run the childcare center, and to attend meetings).

Why Join a Cooperative Instead of a Traditional Childcare Center?

Parental involvement not only helps reduce costs and keep tuition fees low, but it also improves the quality of childcare since parents work closely with professional staff to provide their children with the best care and the highest educational quality possible. The childcare center becomes a safe and loving second home to children, while the cooperative becomes a communal space where parents meet and interact to improve and enjoy parenthood.

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