Media Coverage & Testimonials


Little Turtles’ Media Coverage

  • Little Turtles’ Playhouse was featured in the December 15 issue of Stateline News. Learn more about our cooperative model and plans for the future, in this article.

Parent Testimonials

Childcare Environment

  • I’m glad that my child is a Little Turtle, because he learns from his friends, comes home happy, is well cared for, nurtured, and challenged by the teachers, and is watched over by the parents of his friends. – Daniel
  • My favorite thing about the Little Turtles’ Playhouse teachers is that they provide the kind of care I would provide for my daughter. Ms. Sarah holds my daughter when she eats and sleeps, because that’s the only way she’ll do either. I never thought that possible at a daycare. – Jessica
  • There is nothing more wonderful than having my son wave goodbye to me because he’s looking forward to to playing with his friends. – Daniel
  • You will not find a daycare like this everywhere- it is really extraordinary! – Anna

Curriculum & Teaching

  • This month, my child learned at Little Turtles’ Playhouse Cooperative Child Care about where his food comes from. Book time has seen an increase in his animal books rather than his usual cars, trucks and trains repertoire! – Josie
  • I like that Ms. Sarah loves doing art projects with the children. She isn’t afraid to get messy in the name of creativity! I like that Ms. Jen loves singing with the children. I walked in the other day and found her leading an impromptu parade with musical instruments. Wonderful! – Brynn
  • I love that the teachers provide opportunities to play outdoors, do art, and learn about the world we live in. – Jessica
  • One of my favorite things about the LTP teachers is that they really get to know the kids that are in the daycare and are happy to discuss their development and well-being with the parents. – Josie

Cooperative Model

  • I’m glad that my child is a Little Turtle, because I love working with other parents and teachers to provide the best care to our children. – Diep
  • I’m proud of the Little Turtles cooperative community because we are working together to create a learning environment for our children. – Jessica
  • I’m proud of the Little Turtles cooperative community, because we’re the first and only parent cooperative in Beloit. – Diep
  • It is so reassuring knowing that I have a stake and a voice in my child’s daily care. – Jessica
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